Ma kõnnin koos kuuga / I walk with the moon

Solo exhibition in Võru town gallery 12.03.2023 - 30.04.2023.

Days are passing, moments fleeting, wind blows, cats are walking, the sun rises, the weather is turning, the mind changes. This exhibition is a visual narrative of acclimatisation - a story of finally staying and making peace with the darkness.

Nature, daylight, the weather, and surrounding life carry influences that accompany us on a daily basis. The moon appears in the sky for the most difficult part of the day, when the sun begins to set, and the daylight dims. The day is coming to an end, and time is running out. Once again, a cycle has ended - one moment closer to eternity.

Time-related fear and anxiety are present in the paintings. The bright colour palette reflects a deep desire to keep the daylight for longer by forcefully bringing it into life. By mistakenly attempting to create more light, there will still be less of it with time.

The dark time is long and challenging but can be full of surprises. In the darkness of the night, the stars illuminate even brighter and help to see further than the sun. Then the moon is a consolation, and the course of one life, and the decisions accompanying it seem like a short dream. Almost not important at all.

Photos by Natalia Kondratenko.
enne ___ peale / before ___ after

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