My work is deeply connected to landscape and my own experience of it. I get my inspiration from sights I see during walks, runs or drives around the countryside. The paintings are a composition of memories, mixed with photographic references and my own dreams and imagination. The result is a half dreamt up place, consisting of the lively colours of my imaginative brain and real places I have been to.

My practice has been influenced by the simplicity, yet depth, of the works of colour field painters. I also take inspiration from Matisse and the Fauvism movement with their vivid and unnatural colour palettes. I paint in layers, as it gives me time to accumulate experiences while the colours dry. I find it important to leave time between my steps of process, as with time, I can also add depth to my work.

With my work floating somewhere between abstract and figurative, I am not trying to imitate nature nor resent it but to get inspired by its magnificent being and create art alongside it. This sensitivity towards the natural world is partly ascribed to my culture and history, which is intertwined with natural beliefs and dependencies on it for food and shelter.

My paintings often include themes that touch on the ideas of being and belonging. Having left my home country to study, and staying away for several years after, I have struggled to understand where I belong. As I feel slightly foreign everywhere I live, through my paintings I am able to construct an imaginary home for myself - somewhere between the places I have known before and dreamy fields of colour.