enne ___ peale / before ___ after

‘This place somehow bridges the here and now, events of the past, these objects and some other universe…’ is what the artist wrote while residing in Copper Leg. As if being and working there opened a portal, a new access to a different timeline.

before ___ after is an exhibition of selected paintings on found objects that have been completed in the past year. It is a collection of landscapes. Some seen and experienced, others that have never been - perhaps only in the dreams. It includes paintings from the series ‘Wormholes have not been spotted yet’ made during Copper Leg Residency in Autumn 2021 and other works produced before and after the residency.

29 June - 3 July at Vent Space, Tallinn, Estonia. 

Üksinda / Alone
Ma kõnnin koos kuuga / I walk with the moon

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