Ussiauke pole veel märgatud / Wormholes have not been spotted yet

Ussiauke pole veel märgatud (2021) is a series of paintings created on found doors and drawers during the Copper Leg Residency in autumn 2021.

One of the primary inspirations for this series was the location of the residency and my experience living and working there - the nature, endless fields, and winding roads that led to the old schoolhouse in the middle of nowhere.

These paintings are places where the real and perceptible world meets the dream and the inner world. Inspiration is drawn from place-based mysticism and its connection with various postmodernist science fiction novels. These paintings are also like portals that combine different moments of time. All the drawers and doors have come together from different places and bring their history with them. Once they were growing trees, which were cut down to be made into useful objects. With this painting series, they have found a new purpose as artwork. 

The paintings made on recycled materials have an environmentally sensitive message in terms of both material and content. The overarching idea is the ability to see mysticism in everyday life and to appreciate the nature around you, even if it seems monotonous and boring. 

Minnes märkan / I notice when I'm leaving
Üksinda / Alone

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