Kahevahel / Between the two

Kahevahel (2019) is a painting series consisting of three oil paintings, which have all been created on found throwaway wood. There are two smaller pieces (50x48cm) and one larger triptych painting on a wooden door (150x71cm).

This series is of an inbetween place, encompassing the juxtaposition of the courage to explore and the comfort and familiarity of home. The colours are a dreamlike backdrop to small landscape elements of the nature of the artist’s surroundings when she was residing in her family home in Estonia.

It showcases the tiny illustrations of familiar, yet bleak bits of landscape in contrast to the large areas of unnaturally bold colours. This notion creates an emphasis on the vast emptiness that exists in the landscape of Estonia, which is becoming more rare in the world full of cities, with its’ consumerism and mountains of waste.

However, the contrasting colours suggest a different place, which is unknown and somewhere else. The middle piece of the series - a door - also suggests a certain movement and process. Perhaps, moving on or returning.

To stay put, or go on exploring. To create more, or accept what is there. Being ‘between the two’, is a burden but also a privilege.

Leidub kuskil kord ka meile ruum / There is a room for us somewhere in time
Minnes märkan / I notice when I'm leaving

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