Tühi maastik / Empty landscape

Tühi maastik (2020) is a series of paintings that reflect the longing for nature. These dreamy artworks with a vivid colour palette were painted purely based on the artist's memories of driving around the Scottish Highlands.

The liberation of driving around the mountains and experiencing their immenseness filled me with inspiration. I could breathe again. I was alive again.

The Highlands felt safe. Even though I could never quite make out where one mountain started and the other ended, they felt certain and foundational. As if I could rely on them.

Therefore once I had returned to my London flat, all I could see in my head were mountains. Vivid mountains that embraced me and gave me protection from the strangeness of our times. The mountains had become my safe place.

Exhibited at the solo show Teel (Summer 2021) in Ateljee, Jõgeva. Paintings available on Etsy and on hoovus.com.

Kohal / Arrived
Minnes märkan / I notice when I'm leaving

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