Kohal / Arrived

Kohal (2020) is a 50x60cm painting on found wood. 

"I moved to London from Estonia just before lockdown happened, in January 2020. I was renting a room in a shared house in North Kensington/Notting Hill area, and shared the room with my boyfriend. 
We were both working from home, as were the 3 other people who lived in that house. Me and my boyfriend had been together for about a month, before we were locked down together. In another country. During a global pandemic. With no friends or family. In one room. 
After four months passed, the lockdown rules were calming, and we had saved up enough from our jobs to move to a bigger place. Our own place. We went out to view flats with our masks in empty London. When we arrived, it was raining. The agent was late and we were annoyed. This place was one which I randomly sent a message to, we didn’t even like it from the pictures.
The agent finally made it, and opened the front door for us. Come in, he said. We walked up the narrow stairs, the walls of which were completely covered in paintings and artwork. I was intrigued. He opened the door to our flat, and I had the first look inside my future home. I saw the crieky, uneven wooden floors. I saw the brick wall. The tall windows. I had arrived."

​Exhibited at the Royal Cambrian Academy Open Exhibition in Spring 2021.

Ära / Away from
Tühi maastik / Empty landscape

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