Ära / Away from

Ära (2020) is a painting series consisting of five 20x20cm paintings on canvas.

During the lockdown, our relationship with nature shifted. It wasn't available for us all the time, and spending time outside became a rarity.

This series focuses on viewing nature from afar. There is always a knowing, by memory and images, what nature looks like. We've seen it up close before. But after not seeing something for a while, the images in your head start melting together and become ambiguous. What's left, are the most subliminal shapes and lines.

​While working on these paintings, I was looking into the idea of 'signs of life' like waves, movement and wood pattern. At the same time, I wanted to contrast the movement with the stillness of a horizontal line. This brings clarity, and divides the painting unnaturally, while trying to stress the idea of a landscape .

​Exhibited at the solo show Vaid tean, et kus?kil kodu / I just know, somewhere? is home from 14/01/21 - 31/08/21 at Hestia Hotel Europa, Tallinn, Estonia.

Kahevahel / Between the two
Kohal / Arrived

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